La Marca

Naturally vine growers

The centrality of the soil, the respect of its rhythms, the seasons’ rotation and the moon phases. All the shades of the soil inside the wine. Harmony. We grow and look after our 6 hectares vineyard. Five hectares of our vineyard are planted with Verdicchio whereas 1 hectare with Montepulciano; the grapes are harvested by hand and placed in small boxes with care and respect in order to avoid any dangerous mushing.


The sunrise light that comes from the Adriatic Sea wakes Contrada San Michele up while colouring it with golden and red shades. The sun, the sea breeze that meets with the Apennines winds, the late afternoon light, the winter snow, the autumn rains, a soil with a Mediterranean memory, limestone and clay, the smell of wildflowers and the sound of bees and birds. Our is just an attempt to preserve this magical harmony. We are thrilled with the idea that our wines have deep roots and at the same time, they look beyond borders. Salinity, Minerality, Acidity are the three main elements.


We believe wine is a melting pot of different languages. We aim at creating a network of exchange and sharing therefore we are always keen on looking for the co-operation and union of different skills in order to achieve a common growth. Human beings and their stories are the core of everything.