Daniela Quaresima

25-6-1969 | 28-2-2024

Dany has set off on her last journey.  We hope towards a better place. We think of her in a beautiful place beside the sea, where she always wanted to live and die. With views of the sunset. (Naviganti. Brano di Ivano Fossati)
Dany (as she liked to be called) and I started our winemaking journey in 2007 – seventeen of the twentyseven years we spent together.
We have Dany to thank for the name of our company and of some of our wines, many graphic design ideas and the development of the logo and wine labels. She took care of our website and social media. She also took care of the people we liked to surround ourselves with for the harvest, so that the picking of the grapes became a celebration and not just a job. She exemplified the lightness with which the work of the winemaker must be approached. She wove the relationships with those who bought our wine and who became real friends over the years. Few people can turn endless days of work in the vineyard into a pleasure as Dany could. Even the boring days of bottling were bearable with Dany. The wine fairs were pure enjoyment. We will miss her like the warmth of the sun in winter.

La Marca di San Michele owes to her the greater part of its philosophy, which fully reflected her way of seeing life, work and social relationships. We will try to keep her with us.

We ask everyone to take care of the environment, of the air that we breathe, of what we eat and drink because that’s where everything begins. 

We also invite everyone who knew her to donate something to cancer research in her memory every June 25th, the day of her birthday, or whenever you can, because in these situations the only thing to hang on to is the hope each morning of reading in the newspaper about the discovery of a new cure: airc-daniela

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  • The last roda for Smurfete at Capoeira Ireland in Dublin (17.03.2024)